Reducing your stress during your mock examination period

With the support of our external marking service, your departmental staff can have reduced workloads, less stress, and improved wellbeing overall. This enables them to deliver better lessons for students, and improve the performance of staff and students alike, whilst helping your school  to be a better place for everyone. We specialise in both marking mock examination assessments and also marking department developed assessments, providing quality feedback through the diagnostic report.

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The Process – How it works for you

  • We will collect examination papers at an agreed time.
  • Papers are delivered to our experienced exam marking team.
  • A standardisation process takes place before marking any assessment.
  • Papers are returned to you, with completion of marks on a spreadsheet should you supply one.
  • A diagnostic summary report on the marking assignment is also produced for departmental use in future lesson planning.



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From Collection To Diagnostic Reports, Our Process Ensures Accuracy And Insight

Step 1 Collection


At an agreed time, we collect mock examination assessments or department developed assessments  from your institution.

Step 2 Delivery to marking team

Your examination papers are securely delivered to our team of experienced examiners.


Step 3 Standardisation


Our standardisation process is conducted before the main body of marking occurs,  to ensure consistency in marking from start to finish, and ensure quality throughout.

Step 4 Papers returned


We  return the marked papers to your institution promptly and in good condition.  If a spreadsheet is provided, we will return it completed along with the marked papers.

Step 5 Diagnostic Summary Report

A diagnostic summary report is generated for you and your department to use as you need.






Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate the paper collection process?

We will work with your examination department to schedule a convenient time for paper collection(s).

Can we track the progress of our marking assignment?

Yes, we provide updates for a named SLT member on the marking progress.

Is the standardisation process time-consuming?

No, our process is designed for efficiency without compromising quality.

What information is included in the diagnostic summary report?

The report includes insights into student performance, identifying strengths in the class/cohort and areas for development.

Can you complete marking assignments at short notice in emergency situations?

Yes. Contact as soon as you can when you know about the issue.