About Equivalency Marking

Our aim is to provide expert marking solutions to support schools.

Our journey in educational examination marking began with the ideal of helping schools and teachers deal with high density of workload during mock examination weeks, and aiding teacher wellbeing, mental health, and reduction of stress across schools and departments during this busy period in the school year.

With nine years of dedicated service under our belts, we are continuing in our efforts towards growth, quality marking services, and our commitment to educational excellence.

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You can be a part of our journey by joining our team and becoming a marker. If you have the relevant skills and experience, contact us here to enquire further.

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Our Mission and Values

We have a clear purpose, which is to help schools and departments to support improving standards, reduce teacher workload and stress, and enable students to receive timely and accurate feedback.

We aim to make public examination preparation a smoother and easier process.








FAQs about Equivalency Marking

How long has Equivalency Marking been providing examination services?

Equivalency Marking has been providing marking support for over nine years.

What subjects do you cover in your marking services?

We cover a wide range of subjects across the academic spectrum.

How do you ensure the accuracy of exam marking?

Our experienced team undergoes rigorous standardisation and quality control measures.

Can we customise marking services based on our institution's needs?

Absolutely, our services are flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements.


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Customer Reviews


The quality of marking delivered by Equivalency Marking was extremely accurate. The markers demonstrated a profound understanding of the subject matter and exhibited a keen eye for detail, ensuring accurate and insightful feedback. The process was seamless and efficient. E.M. maintained clear and open lines of communication throughout. I was particularly impressed by Equivalency Marking's commitment to deadlines. Despite the high volume of papers to be marked, they consistently returned completed papers on time, enabling us to adhere to our assessment schedule without any delays, their professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction is outstanding, excellent value for money and the level of expertise and efficiency demonstrated by their team far outweighed the cost. I would like to offer my sincere praise for the exceptional services provided by Equivalency Marking.

Castleford Academy


Well organised service and prompt return of marking. Good value for money and a positive impact on staff workload. Feedback from examiners is extremely valuable to planning

UTC Leeds


We have used Equivalency Marking for Year 10 and Year 11 marking. The professionalism and excellent communication has made the process of external marking a very positive experience for staff and pupils alike....The marking is accurate and the feedback we have received from the markers is informative and useful in guiding next steps in response to mocks. We will definitely be continuing to use Equivalency Marking for any future marking requirements.

Crofton Academy


The English department has been really pleased with the quality of marking and the further support and guidance given to the team following the marking process. The communication from EM is fantastic. We are always fully informed about collection and return of scripts. 

Newhouse Academy, Greater Manchester