Comprehensive marking services for schools and colleges

Here at Equivalency Marking, we aim to provide solutions to enhance assessment, to then enable improvements in learning, and reduce teacher workload. We specialise in examination marking of mock examinations and departmental examinations, and our clients all find this service provides exceptional value for money in reducing teacher workload, providing an independent view by experienced external markers, eliminating any perception of bias.

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Marking mock exams

We ensure accurate evaluation of student performance.

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Sample and standardisation

Maintaining consistency in marking because of our standardisation process for GCSE examination marking.

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Part marking


We can offer to mark single subject examinations/papers to reduce the overall marking load for departments.

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Diagnostic feedback report

Receive comprehensive insights into student performance with our detailed diagnostic feedback reports.

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Customisation: Tailoring our services to your needs

We offer a range of flexible packages for examination marking. We can tailor our marking services to specific subject areas. We can also offer a single department marking service.  We will provide specialised diagnostic feedback, part marking and data input on spreadsheets should you provide them. We can organise our services to suit your school's requirements and needs.

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Ensuring accuracy and reliability

We take great measures to ensure the accuracy of the marking, as well as the consistency and overall fairness, to ensure each student receives accurate feedback and assessment reflective of a GCSE paper, for example.

We take the following steps to make sure our exam paper marking is of the highest quality at all times. 

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Experienced marking team

Our team will use their knowledge and dedication to complete the marking to a high standard.

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Stringent quality checks

We perform quality checks on all markers to safeguard consistency and fairness throughout.